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Bernard Woma Live


Carol of the Pans



Jump for George

New Destiny

World Is Not Your Home


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Kakande, "Dununya" (JMB 0008)coming February '08!
The balafon (xylophone) has electrified popular music in West Africa since the court of Emperor Sundiata back in 1235. Lush vocals, flutes, sinewy guitars, cellos and countless textures are propelled by the power of Famoro's balafon virtuosity. Layers of intricate melody come together in Kakande to create the band's explosive new groove.

Kakande's Dununya

Biakuye Percussion Group (JMB 0007)
They unite the cool sound of American jazz vibraphone, drum set, and electric bass with the richness of African xylophone, kalimba, and hand drums.

David Rogers Sextet, "The World Is Not Your Home" (JMB 0005)
Jazz saxophonist David Rogers has been compared to John Coltrane for his globally-influenced music (Global Rhythm Magazine). Latin rhythms, medieval chorales, and freewheeling improvisation combine in this fresh take on modern jazz. (Read more, hear audio clips, or order online.)

The World Is Not Your Home

Southpaw Isle, "Carol of the Pans" (JMB 0004)
While rooted in Caribbean pan tradition, Southpaw Isle continually stretches the limits of the steelband sound. The group's repertoire includes jazz, classical, samba, calypso, and original compositions. Southpaw Isle is truly dedicated to this amazing melodic-percussion instrument.

Dallam-Dougou, "New Destiny" (JMB 0003)
Hands-down, the world's leading African-Hungarian jazz band. "Dallam" means melody in Hungarian and "Dougou" means land or city in a bunch of West African languages, such as Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. (Visit the Dallam-Dougou homepage)

new destiny

Imaginary Homeland, "Jump for George" (JMB 0002)
Lyrical melodies and percussive grooves meet in a potent blend of African and American traditions. Imaginary Homeland spins anthems out of talking drums, driving bass grooves, and fiddle music from Appalachia to the Sahara. (Read more, hear audio clips, or order online.)

jump for george

Bernard Woma Trio, "In Concert" (JMB 0001)
Virtuosity and live power from the living legend of the Dagara gyil (xylophone) of Ghana. This exceptional live recording features Woma's innovative compositions for the gyil, and well as traditional Dagara recreational and funeral music. (Read more, hear audio clips, or order online.)

Bernard Woma Live

Életfa Hungarian Folk, "Gyökereínk"
Kick back — or kick it — to village music from Hungary and Transylvania by this New Jersey-based group, the most recognized Hungarian folk band in North America who have kept people clicking their heels and slapping their feet for nearly two decades. (Read more, hear audio clips, or order online.)

Eletfa's Gyökereínk
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