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Imaginary Homeland
"Jump for George"
(JMB 0002)

Where do you find the link between Appalachian string bands and West African talking drums?

Two years living in rural Ghana and hearing African horse-hair fiddles led jazz composer David Rogers to seek out the connections between rural string music and polyrhythmic percussion. The findings can be heard on the new CD, "JUMP FOR GEORGE" by Imaginary Homeland (Jumbie Records, JMB 0002).

The opening track, "Kanawha Girl," begins with Rogers's keening saxophone playing a Kentucky folk song joined by the aquatic pulse of a Ghanaian water drum. The next piece, "Anthem," brings African-style fiddling together with Rogers's own playing on the Ghanaian talking drum. The CD's title track hums with the buzzing spider-webbed gourds of the Ghanaian xylophone.

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"With praises to a dozen genres and fealty to none, this quartet is creating an original vocabulary that endorses both jazz and folk as equal partners in their own musical nation."
- Dirty Linen Magazine

 “Imaginary Homeland delves deep into various Ghanaian musical traditions and bursts forth with a fresh blend.”
- Afropop.org

"From Appalachian folk chants to African rhythms and melodies to the Latin flavors of 'El Sonero,' Imaginary Homeland's saxophone, violin, upright bass and percussion chart a course that is respectful of musical traditions, but seems blissfully unaware of the lines that divide them"
- Splendid

"Combines the best of contemporary jazz with West African instruments and rhythms... makes you want to get up and dance!"
- Ann Arbor Observer

"The 'jazz' label fails to encompass the fresh spirit of this music. Like any cross-cultural collaboration, it may be spurned by purists. But there's a certain logic in combining the folk music of people on either side of the Atlantic. Imaginary Homeland is a nice place to visit; come listen for a while."
- Spin the Globe, KAOS Radio

David Rogers - composer, saxophones, talking drums
Mark Stone - "African drumset," percussion, gyil (Ghanaian xylophone)
Marlene Rice - violin
Matt Pavolka - acoustic bass

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Jump for George

Listen to Free Audio Clips:

1) Kanawha Girl (listen)
2) Anthem (listen)
3) Mobius Trip (listen)
4) Jump for George (listen on CDbaby)
5) Travelogue (listen on CDbaby)
6) El Sonero (listen on CDbaby)
7) The World is Not Your Home (listen on CDbaby)

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