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David Rogers Sextet
"The World Is Not Your Home"
(JMB 0005)

Who says jazz isn’t world music? These six tracks by composer/saxophonist David Rogers show that American jazz continues to grow by embracing the world.

Hard driving jazz runs throughout this album, laced with Cuban montuno rhythms here, a Medieval cantus firmus chorale there, an African folk song, the chatter of talking drums, and the guest appearance of an African xylophone.

At the heart of every piece is David Rogers’s expressive saxophone and the propulsive jazz rhythm section of Gerald Cleaver (drum set), Craig Taborn (piano), and Marion Hayden (acoustic bass). Mark Stone (melodic percussion) and Derek Bermel (clarinet) expand the colors and stylistic range to create a truly global vision of modern jazz.

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Praise for "The World Is Not Your Home"

“Top flight musicians… a fusion masterpiece.” — AllAboutJazz

The World Is Not Your Home is an astonishing piece of work. Perhaps the world has now caught up with David Rogers.”— Brian Morton, co-author, Penguin Guide to Jazz

"A truly great recording, one that defines what jazz is today."— Maurice Hogue, CKUW-FM

“Not only a powerful jazz statement, but a musical statement, one of the best to come out this year.”— Music for America

David Rogers - composer, tenor saxophone, lunna talking drum (#1)
Craig Taborn – piano
Gerald Cleaver – drum set, percussion (#6)
Marion Hayden – acoustic bass
Mark Stone – gungon (#1), gyil xylophone (#3), vibraphone (#5), lead conga (#6)
Derek Bermel – clarinet (#1, 5), lunna talking drum (#1), gyil xylophone (#3), clave (#6)

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Listen to Free Audio Clips:

1) The World Is Not Your Home (listen)
2) Don't Drop That Coffin! (listen)
3) Oboo Ketua Nyom (Little Stone Song) (listen)
4) Mobius Trip (listen)
5) The Merciful Ones (listen)
6) La Isla De Reyes (listen)

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